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We are The Browns!

Eric and Tacondra! Childhood sweethearts with Florida roots and Texas Boots! We have been a couple for over 26 years and battle buddies (married) for 18 years! Together we have a beautiful daughter and serve as spiritual leaders, marriage mentors, models, and motivators helping to transform lives and equip husbands and wives to build unity so they can have lasting marriages!

What qualifies us to teach others about building a marriage or even a lifestyle that lasts? Well, we got married at a young age and did EVERYTHING WRONG! Having our daughter out of wedlock and becoming a military family made our journey of building a life together quite unconventional. We are well acquainted with the treasures and trenches of having an unconventional marriage, family dynamics, and more! This is why we are passionate about helping others overcome similar challenges we experienced. 


Incase you didn't already know, obstacles in life are designed to BUILD you, not always to break you! Our lives and story are a testimony of what it truly means to be broken, restored, and BUILT2LAST! 


Whether you are single or married, in the military or not, a believer or not, we're here to empower you in building and transforming your life for the better! Our hope is that you will be impacted in an intimate and life-changing way with us! We're in the process of building and adding to this site! In the meantime, please explore the ways you can learn from us, grow in your marriage, and build a lifestyle you love!


Remember This...


 Built2Last isn't just our message, it's our life  ministry!

Eric Tacondra

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Building With the Browns is a fun and empowering podcast where we cover a range of topics and provide relevant information, revelation and biblical truths merged with the practicalities of everyday living to build, encourage and impact your life.


Join a worldwide family of over 2,000+ men and women who engage in courageous conversations with us! Normalize your everyday experiences and hear our perspectives regarding the beauty and the brokenness of marriage, faith, family, relationships, and more! 

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