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Believers United In Living Truth


We're BUILT Better Together!


God's Ministry, Our Mission

Our mission is to build healthy men, women, husbands, wives, and families in Belief, Unity, Integrity, Love, and Development so that their lives impact communities and ultimately bring glory to God.

We help build Bold Belief to strengthen your faith in God and His Word by having courageous conversations where transparency, trust, and truth are valued.

We build Unity by motivating individuals to pursue unity in life with one another, by modeling unity in our lives and by teaching ways to create and maintain unity.

We build Integrity as a foundation to character-development establishing and living by core beliefs, morals and values. 

We build Love by displaying the unconditional love of Jesus Christ in going above and beyond for others. 

We build Development by equipping believers with tools, resources, and practical solutions that enhance your spiritual, emotional, personal development, and overall well-being. 


Building bold believers in biblical truths to make lasting impacts in their lives, families and communities.

We're built better together!

Hands Up

Meet The Leaders

Tacondra is a wife, mother, author, speaker. preacher, creative entrepreneur, and a transformational catalyst for hope and healing. Tacondra is the founder and CEO of MetamorpHER Unlimited, a self-development company that exists to activate, equip, empower, and inspire transformation in the lives of wounded women and wives on a journey of believing, building and beautifully becoming all God designed them to be.

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Tacondra L. Brown

Eric Brown

Eric is a husband, father, military veteran, wealth builder and a servant-leader. Eric  knows firsthand what it means to live out loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. His military background  endows him with the ability to lead, train, mentor, and counsel others spiritually and practically.  Eric offers wisdom, guidance and emotional support for young males and adult men choosing to become healthy  men, husbands, fathers, and leaders. 

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Eric J. Brown
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